Ofer Shomron - Artist Statement

Art took a hold of me at the advanced age of 60. Recurring dreams about colors flowing around me convinced me to embark on a new path. Ever since, I have studied and still am in various paintings schools and courses, among them “The Atelier” school “Hakolel” school, as well as private studies at Contemporary Art Studio. Among my teachers are Guy Avital, Marik Lechner, Ariel Asseo, Galia Uri, and Asad Azi.

I am an avid colorist. I love color and exploring color. My palette is rich and I like to place strong, expressive colors side by side. My curiosity about the world is the motivation and energy for my artistic quest. From the beginning, I placed topics that were close to my heart at the center of my painting; People in motion, interpersonal relations, interior spaces, alongside public spaces and public events such as musical performances, bars, malls, libraries, and streets. Two years ago, I started focusing on relationships in a variety of situations. These included relationships between people of different ages, as I tried to visually describe individuals’ psychological and fantastic inner worlds. The ties between a caregiver and the person who depends on them, responsibility and mutual responsibility, as in a parent-child relationship or among older and younger siblings, between old people and their environment, are some of the relationships I seek to capture. Paintings of my late mother at the therapeutic department were of unique significance to me.
My world of fantasy and imagination is expressed in a series of paintings depicting situations in which the logical and the familiar are intertwined with the fictional and the surreal.

Photography is the main vehicle for me in my artistic exploration. I seek to grasp situations and interactions through body movement, gaze, or eye contact between individuals. Photography and observation are for me, gateways to the world, modes of interpreting reality and translating it into painting.

I mostly paint in oil and occasionally use a mixed technique. Most of the works are on canvas, but from time to time I use ready-made beddings like wood, cardboard, or metal that I find scattered in the streets.

At the heart of my oeuvre resides the search for subjects and objects in context, for the emotion and drama evoked by the moment that will never repeat itself.